DAP: Delivered At Place – deliveries via Natuursteeninfo

DAP: Delivered At Place – deliveries via Natuursteeninfo


DAP stands for Delivery At Place. This means that the customer himself is the importer of the goods, whereby for his own account:
NATUURSTEENINFO.EU is the first company to deliver containers on a DAP basis.

We have it delivered on location, which fully covers the risk of fluctuating dollar prices and the costs of sea freight. The goods are also insured during transport.
We invoice the customer directly from the country of origin and work exclusively with the most prominent companies around the world. From now on we also have a storage shed in Loenen Gld and we can deliver a limited range directly from stock and it is also possible to order containers in natural stone & ceramics at even better prices.

We do not have a showroom and only sell materials to dealers. Since 2020 we also have covered storage and can deliver materials directly from stock
limited range with which any project can be carried out.


India: Tandur Yellow and Bleu, Steel Gray, Star Galaxy, Kashmir White, tiles.
Vietnam: Vietnamese Bluestone & Dark Basalt tiles, clinkers, curbstones, stair treads, pillar caps, window sills.
China: Chinese Bluestone, G684 -G391, G654, G603, custom work, window sills, window sills, pillar hats, wall covers custom work is worked out in car CAD drawing for check. Stone Panels flat face and big natural panels Black Slate, Rusty Slate, Yellow Quartzite.
Brazil: Mustang, Yellow Quartzite, tiles
Egypt: Sinai Pearl, Sinai Gray, Milly Gray, tiles
France: Burgundian Dallen Vieux Medoc and Limeyrat Vieux Chateau
Spain: Cremo Marfil, 1st quality
Italy: Rex-Ermes-Super Gres-Tuscania-X Tilles
India: Nexion-Qutong

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Email.: info@natuursteeninfo.eu
Tel.: +31(0)623 919 253