Calculate your costs yourself

First determine:

  • The material (Chinese bluestone, Mustang, Star Galaxy, etc.)
  • The finish of the material (honed, aged, polished, etc.
  • The format (60 × 60 or 80 × 80 etc.)
  • The thickness of the tile (1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, etc.)
  • Number of square meters (m2)


Check with the types of natural stone whether the material can be supplied in the selected options. If this is not the case, this does not always mean that it cannot be delivered, so feel free to request a quote.

  • Check the type of natural stone for the price per m2.
  • Take the number of m2 and multiply this by the m2 price, you then have the total price of the material excluding VAT.
  • Multiply this amount by 1.21 and you have the total amount including VAT.
  • You calculate the transport costs by multiplying the number of m2 by the weight per m2. See the table for this. You have the total weight and then look in the transport table how much the transport costs are, this amount is excl. VAT. Multiply this amount by 1.21 for the amount including VAT.
  • Add both amounts and you have the total amount.


It may be that due to the number of m2 you want to order, a pallet must be measured, we charge € 25.00, excluding VAT, for the measurement.


Example calculation:

Material dimension Finishing nr of pallets Qty m2 per pallet total number m2 price per m2 total price
Chinese bluestone 60x60x3 cm honed facet 3 12,24 36,75 17,50 € 642,60
pallet matching cost 0 0
Totalprice excl. BTW € 642,60
21% VAT € 134,95
totalprice incl. VAT € 777,50
Material total nr m2 Qty of kg per m2 Weight transportcost 21% VAT transport incl. VAT
Chinese Bluestone 36,72 90 3304,8 € 150,00 31,50 € 181,50
Totalprice including transport € 959,00