Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Natuursteeninfo B.V. deposited at the Chamber of Commerce Veluwe and Twente under registration number 08142943


  • Orders will only become binding upon receipt of an order confirmation signed by the buyer / customer and after receipt of a copy of the attached delivery conditions signed by the buyer / customer. Delivery times are without obligation and cannot be guaranteed. The stated delivery date on the quotation or order confirmation has only an indicative value. Price lists, if any, are only indicative. Prices are always communicated without obligation.


  • Offers are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise agreed. Orders are delivered on the agreed delivery date. If we cannot deliver an order on the agreed date, we will store it until further instructions. After a maximum of 5 days, we are no longer obliged to deliver the material in accordance with the agreed prices in the order confirmation. Any storage costs may subsequently be paid by Natuursteeninfo B.V. will be charged to buyer / customer.


  • Natural stone is sold with its natural defects. Samples are indicative only. No rights can be derived in any way from the color, structure or finish of the samples. Any deviations from the dimensions are acceptable. They do not give cause for any complaint. The EU standards for this are: (see table).



Size >12mm EU norm Standard to measure tiles
length +/- 1mm length up to 600mm
+/- 2mm length > 600mm
Width +/- 1mm With up to 600mm
+/- 2mm Width > 600mm
Thickness +/- 1.5mm Thickness < 15mm
+/- 10% Thickness from 15 t/m 30mm
+/- 3mm Thickness from 30 t/m 80mm
+/- 5mm Thickness > 80mm
Flatness 0.2% longest side max. 3mm
perpendicularity max. 1mm length/width up to 600mm
max. 2mm length/breedte > 600mm


4. Return shipments are only accepted after approval by Natuursteeninfo B.V. a written request to this effect, provided that the goods are unused and undamaged. The goods must be returned in the original packaging within 14 days of the permission obtained.


5. The buyer can never assert any right to compensation. Natuursteeninfo B.V. will only replace the delivered goods if there is a valid reason for this. Before delivery and / or processing, the delivery must be thoroughly checked by the customer / buyer or processor. Once placed means accepted. Control is done at the height of the man with the naked eye, without ironing or backlighting.


6. The buyer / customer is solely responsible for the type of product chosen. Information obtained from Natuursteeninfo B.V. has no greater scope than pure information and connect Natuursteeninfo B.V. to nothing. The customer / buyer decides completely autonomously which product and which finish / adaptation is desired, without Natuursteeninfo B.V being held responsible for this.


7. The prices quoted are based on sales per full pallet and are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of transport costs. Merchandise must be checked immediately upon delivery with regard to numbers, quality and dimensions.


8. Complaints must be reported in writing within 8 days after delivery of the goods or services. Complaints about invoicing must be reported in writing within 8 days of the invoice date. Processing or processing means acceptance of the goods.


9. The VAT. is for the account of the buyer.


10. Invoices are in the stated bank account and in the currency in which they are drawn up. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the payment term is within 14 days of the invoice date and without deduction or discount. Down payments must be made immediately by telephone, preferably by telephone with a maximum of 2 working days. As long as the buyer / customer has not met the agreed payment term, Natuursteeninfo B.V. right to suspend or cancel the delivery obligation, until the buyer / customer has agreed to this. Deliveries are made only after approval by the factoring company that will check the credit limit of the company in question. Goods remain the property of Natuursteeninfo B.V. as long as the customer – buyer has not fully fulfilled the payment obligations.


11. If an invoice is not paid on time, interest will accrue by operation of law and without notice of default if the client does not pay 1% per month on time, with each part of the month counting as a whole month. Furthermore, all costs are incurred by Natuursteeninfo B.V. on behalf of the buyer / customer. If an invoice is not paid on its due date, all other invoices outstanding with the relevant buyer / customer become immediately due and payable, regardless of whether they have reached their due date or not.


12. No claim gives the buyer / customer the right to disrespect the payment terms. The amounts that the buyer / customer owes Natuursteeninfo B.V. is due, can in no way be compensated with amounts with which the buyer / customer claims to claim against Natuursteeninfo B.V. The general terms and conditions of the buyer can in no way infringe the previous terms and conditions of Natuursteeninfo B.V. These conditions automatically take precedence over the customer’s purchase conditions.


13. Clause of ownership reservation. The goods remain the property of Natuursteeninfo B.V. until the full purchase price has been paid, including the costs referred to in article 11.. The advances paid remain acquired by the seller to compensate for possible losses on resale.


14. In the event of a dispute, the dispute will be brought before the court competent for the municipality of Apeldoorn. The judicial and extrajudicial costs incurred by the supplier to enforce the rights ensuing from the agreement will be borne by the buyer. Only Dutch law applies.